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Thank You! - once a jap always a jap... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Thank You! [Jun. 24th, 2004|09:22 am]
once a jap always a jap...
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |P.I.M.P by 50 Cent]

That you for letting me in, and not being obnoxious like the other people. Happy Japping! << yeah, i have issues...

but can you tell me this one thing, what is the real deffination of a JAP? because i think maybe some of the other JAPs might be confused...

<3 Alexi

[User Picture]From: jordster
2004-06-24 05:30 pm (UTC)
haha. i think im gonna let most people in. i got rejected from princess_jap b/c they didnt like some of my music. isnt that pathetic! anyway, JAP is 'jewish american princess'.
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From: agrl28
2004-06-25 05:08 pm (UTC)
i know what JAP stands for, but isnt it not like a really good thing? like a self obsorbed person? thats what my mom told me, but then again shes loco

also, i joined this because (well, 1, the colors were bright) and also because to people on the other one are so obnoxious! ahhh!
well, im going to recomend this to some one else and im gonna post on the other bored... mwa ha ha!
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[User Picture]From: little_flip_jap
2004-06-26 09:32 am (UTC)


I know JAP means Jewish American Princess.But do you necessarily have to be Jewish to join this Community?Lol...sorry if this question sounds stupid.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-11-14 08:55 am (UTC)

Re: Question

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From: sarieangel04
2004-06-26 01:06 pm (UTC)

In regards to the question of whether or not you have to be Jewish..

I think that being a JAP is more of a question of attitude and personality, like I've said before.. JAPs have a certain level of class, I suppose you could say. I don't know what everyone else thinks about if you have to be Jewish, but I wouldn't mind if you joined.. but that's just my opinion.
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